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Infertility and pregnancy loss are painful parts of the motherhood journey for many women.

A loss mom is a woman who has lost a child before, during or after birth. You are not alone. 1 in 4 pregnancies will result in loss, many within the first weeks and without explanation.

A "rainbow baby" is a healthy baby born following a miscarriage or still birth. The rainbow is analogous to the hope one might feel in the life of this new child after loss. Pregnancies after tragedy, however "successful", are complicated emotional experiences that may impact maternal mental health and attachment.

We know some parents experience multiple losses and even after delivering a healthy child, anxiety and grief remain.

MomSquad Napa Valley is committed to supporting you on your journey. Please browse resources under our "Resources" tab and let us know if you would like support. One of our volunteers will reach out to you.


Our partner, Moxie LCSW Corp., offers a private consultation free of charge for women (and their partners) who have experienced the loss of a child due to traumatic or medical illness, miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death or termination for fetal anomalies as well as those who are struggling with infertility and/or pregnant following a loss and need to process a range of emotions. Come find strength in a supportive space. Contact (707)690-0745 for details.

Click below for more resources.

Resources for women and families struggling with infertility, making difficult pregnancy decisions, pregnancy or child loss or pregnancy after loss.

Project Benjamin #theymattertoo, #StruggleDoesNotHaveALook

Additionally, The Shades of Blue Project is dedicated to helping minority women who are suffering from postpartum depression and/or anxiety. We are dedicated to helping women before, during and after child-birth with mental health advocacy, treatment and support. Our goal is to reach women globally helping to restore them mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you would like to help someone you know who has experienced a loss, contact us or look here.


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