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Find your mom squad before baby arrives

Pregnancy isn't just hard on the body -- it can be hard on the soul. The emotional roller coaster comes with the process.


Your partner and family can comfort you when you're feeling vulnerable, but plugging into a group of moms-to-be and new moms can be a lifeline.


"Women who have been pregnant before often offer the most support and empathy," says Heidi Murkoff, coauthor of the What to Expect series. If your closest friends live far away, or do not have children, and if you need to find a sympathetic ear, consider the support of a doula. Also, as soon as possible, try locating mom groups through your doctor, childbirth center, or prenatal classes. Our Friday 10:00am meet-ups at Las Flores Community Center Classroom are PERFECT for you!


Research shows that women who were least excited about their pregnancy were also the ones who received the least support.


If you have negative feelings about having a baby, be honest with yourself and consider talking to other moms-to-be and mom friends. Chances are, you are not alone in your ambivalence. Take this self-test and consider talking to your medical provider about counseling or other options to help you if the feelings persist.


The following links are very important to have on hand to nurture yourself and your closest relationships as well as make decisions and engage who will be involved in your postpartum recovery.

(this postpartum plan is also great)

What we are reading....
Mom & Baby Magazine

Strong as a Mother is a practical and compassionate guide to preparing for a smooth start to motherhood. Everyone knows the secret to having “the Happiest Baby on the Block.” This is your guide to being the Sanest Mommy on the Block. It will prepare you with humor and grace for what lies ahead, give you the tools you need to take care of yourself, permission to struggle at times, and professional advice on how to move through it when you do.


This is a story of a Rolling Stone and Vogue journalist who thought marital discord only happened to other parents until she became a parent. This provocative title gets you to buy this tale of personal and marital exploration, a tale of how two successful professionals and first-time parents find each other again through interviews with researchers on gender roles and advice from the foremost relationship and conflict resolution experts.

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