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Community Care Licensing Division has compiled important information regarding licensed facilities to provide the public on an online searchable database. The information supplied on the database contains facility inspection reports, violations, inspection history and other pertinent information for prospective parents/caregivers.

This information should serve as an initial point of inquiry regarding the status of licensed facilities. Additional information about a particular facility is available from the appropriate licensing office.

If your child is already enrolled in licensed care, you can subscribe to your child's facility in the database and get updates when any new information is provided about that facility.

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Community Resources for Children referral counselors can provide technical assistance on the various types of child care, (i.e. child care centers, family child care homes, in-home care), as well as information on other child development and parenting issues.

Kids in Preschool


Choosing a school for your little one can be a daunting task, and then only the test of time will tell if it’s the right match for your child — and for you! Some families want a school connected to their religion. Others want Montessori or Waldorf. Some want non-denominational. And, of course, location, value and quality are also important factors. When you visit the websites of these schools, you will see smiling students in idyllic environments. Only when you delve deeper do you find that each school has its own personality, character and educational style. We recommend you visit any school you are considering. Take a tour, attend an open house, talk to parents, and check out our post about choosing a school for little one. As usual, if if we’ve left anyone on the list, please let us know! In some cases, the schools responded to our inquiries for information; in others, we pulled information from their websites. Our goal, quite simply, was to provide a list of private schools in one place to help you if you are considering private school for your child. We did not include all the private daycare facilities that exist in Napa, contact Community Resources for Children, which can assist you in finding child care. We will continue to update this directory as new information becomes available.

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